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How to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session

How to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session

The day has finally come and you are excited and nervous for your baby’s first photo session with a professional photographer! What do you do?! We all know that caring for a new tiny little human can be scary. We don’t know much about them yet or their personalities and how they will cooperate for a couple of hours in a strange studio in the hands of a photographer that they do not know. Read Below How to Prepare for your Newborn Photo Session.

First, please note that because these sessions are done typically in the first 3 weeks after birth (and preferably sooner than that, my sweet spot is 6-12 days old) they should be scheduled well in advance. Typically, I tell my clients or prospective clients that it’s important to book when you are comfortable in how far along you are in your pregnancy but most parents book somewhere in the 2nd trimester. While I cannot speak for all photographers, I can say that I book fully each month for these sessions and don’t normally have room on my schedule for inquiries on babies that have already been born. There is nothing more I hate than having to turn away a newborn session. You will find this to be the case with most experienced newborn photographers. It is never too early to book.

Babies Sleep!

Yes, Babies sleep, a LOT! But ‘typical’ sleep for a newborn isn’t necessarily enough to get them through a session. My guide asks that you keep your baby awake for a good bit, and hour or so before you arrive and then feed right before we get started. This way they are tired and will sleep though all of the moving around and posing we do. A good way to keep them awake is giving them a bath right before you leave to the studio.

Expect the Warmth

Coming out of the womb, newborn love the warmth and sleep best this way. We keep the studios temperature warm to keep baby happy and sleepy, especially while doing naked photos. Keep in mind to dress to keep cool for yourself and bring your outfits that you want for parent and sibling photos with you and change while in studio.

Bring a Pacifier

While we try not to use one if possible, sometimes we need them to help baby transition from one pose to another. A pacifier can make or break a session. And don’t worry, they won’t get used to it if they have it for a couple of hours for just one day.

Bring a bottle

This, once again, is to have on hand for babies that cluster feed while nursing. Some babies nurse for 10 minutes and are completely full while others like to take their time and are still hungry after nursing for 45 minutes. Bottle feeding (whether you pump and use breast milk or you formula feed) can fill your baby up. You know exactly how much your baby is eating with a bottle and it’s also faster. While I don’t require moms to bring bottles, it does help. If it’s their first bottle, give it a try a day or two before so they are accustomed to it.


This is your time to take a break, sit back and watch your baby get photographed or even take a nap (you wouldn’t believe how many parents sleep in studio). Let us work our magic so you get precious photos of your little one! They are only this little once!

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Thanks so much for visiting the website! I’m am an award winning Newborn Photographer that specializes in babies and newborns up to 2 weeks old! I am so lucky to be able to capture first memories for family for more than a decade. Don’t miss out on getting pictures, babies are only this small for a short period of time! So if you are considering contacting me, please click here. If you want to see more of my work, you can click here, or visit my facebook page.

To see my website, click here. Newborn Sessions book out MONTHS in advance so booking early is advised. Cary Baby Photographer.

Sally is an award winning Raleigh newborn photographer, receiving Excellence award and in the top Raleigh photographers with as well as a member of She has trained with some of the best newborn photographers from all over the world. Sally supplies everything you need except a sleepy newborn. Check out her facebook, twitter and portfolio pages for up to date photos.



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